Friday, May 3, 2013

The Last Grapes, a Watercolor Sketch

No one was eating the last grapes so I did a watercolor sketch of them.

The Last Grapes. A Watercolor Sketch 
I did it quickly. The pencil sketching of the grapes took longer than the painting. The background didn't turn out as I wanted it to. I was looking for something a little bit like the old Dutch with a dark almost black but I didn't want to switch mediums and with watercolor you can only get so dark and not use a lot of paint. The grapes were done one by one with an under painting of red and I dropped in blues and purples to give the coloring. It turned out OK.

Looking at it now I wonder if I should have done more, but I put my paint all away so I guess I am done. I feel that I must do more painting everyday.