Sunday, March 19, 2017

Watercolor Painting of a Rural Scene With Farm and Fence

This painting was inspired by a photo of a road and farm.

It was a fun Sunday afternoon project. I was experimenting with some flat brushes and trying to see what effect I can get with them.  The sky and early stages of the green fields were done with a 5/8 flat.

I used a little senna in the sky near the horizon which I normally do not do but it was a suggestion I saw in a how to paint book so I tried it and I liked how it warms up the picture a little and gives a break between all the greens and the blue of the sky.

The buildings and trees were almost done like a sketch.

The fence was the most difficult part. I did not allow for it in the sketch but after the green grass was dry I used black watercolor and sketched it in. Of course the color beneath showed through so I kept going over it and alternately lifted out the green color and put back in the dark of the fence. I finished by lifting out some highlights in the fence and called it done.

My resource material had huge areas of green I am not happy with that much green even though it is one of my "go to" colors in most paintings. I may return to the painting and add some soil colors in the fields.

Rural Scene With Road Watercolor

All said I am very pleased with the project since it was only an afternoon's entertainment.  I will toss it into a little frame and it can be a gift or a small offering at an art show or something.

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