Sunday, August 25, 2013

Watercolor of a Rose

I hate to stay inside all day on a nice day, so I took my watercolor stuff and went out to the deck and looked around. My wife's garden is a joy and source of much inspiration. There was a rose in a big planter that I felt needed to have a portrait done.

Portrait of a Rose in My Wife's Garden, Watercolor.

The area behind it was dark and I wanted to capture that as an area of contrast but not make it all flat so I did several splattery washes. I started with yellow then added forest green over that letting the colors blend a little. After that dried I splashed down some ultramarine blue which deepened the values a little but not enough so I finished with a little alizarian crimson with violet to get the darkest areas.

The fence behind give the composition interest and a reference to a place and not just a rose sitting on a page. I did a lot of blues and brown with a liner brush and other small brushes on the fence and then when I was satisfied with the amount of medium I gave the areas a clear wash to take away some of the edge.

The rose stem and leaves were more drawn than painted. I used smallest brushes and liner brushes on it. I used the lightest values of yellow and then went to green over most of the yellow just leaving highlights showing. The darkest areas were green mixed with crimson and a little ultramarine blue.

It was a nice afternoon well spent.

(c) Adron 2013