Sunday, May 24, 2015

Watercolor painting of man playing a saxophone

This is a little watercolor painting I did of a man playing a saxophone.

My daughter was in the marching band and the jazz bands in high school.  I always thought that musicians make a powerful pictures.  Maybe it is the intensity they demonstrate or the sense of being one with the music that makes them look so cool.  I have always wanted to paint some portraits of musicians with their instruments.

Man playing jazz saxophone, watercolor 

This painting was first drawn with pencil and then I did several washes in watercolor using progressively smaller brushes as I moved toward the details.  I really like to use the liner brush to get the fine lines but it is fun to fan it across the page and let it roll the paint sideways.

I am learning to do a light wash of my lightest values first and let it dry then go over with my next darker value and finish with the darkest values last.

It is an adventure to add color to wet color and let the two colors interact on the paper.

I kept getting the colors darker and darker.  I finally left no area truly white except for the white undershirt and even then I washed most of it lightly with watery panes grey.  I am finding that using a little panes grey to darken the values and even to muddy the picture up a little seems to have a positive effect by virtue of contrast with the more pure colors.


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