Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Somber Bay Lighthouse limited edition hand made print

Here is a print that I cut and produced by hand of a lighthouse at a place called Somber Bay. Lighthouses are so classic and even romantic. This is just a black and white print.

Hand made Print Somber Bay Lighthouse.
I designed and cut this 11x14 "Wood Block" print myself. It is a lighthouse a on a rock at Somber Bay with a dock and a stair leading up to it and a pier on the left side. It has a nice balance between the white paper and black ink. There is a variety of texture and effects.

Below is a better image of the print that I digitized for my Society6 store, available framed and unframed.

Somber Bay Lighthouse Print For Sale

To see this at my Society6 store enter here.

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