Saturday, March 3, 2012

Celtic Cross Hand Made 14x11 Print by Adron

Here is a project I worked on for a couple of weeks. It is a "wood cut" print except I used an acrylic sheet to cut it this is the 21st century anyway. Though I used modern materials the technique is still the traditional approach of cutting an image in a surface, rolling ink over it and pressing paper to it to transfer the ink to the paper thus making a mirror image of the plate.

Celtic Cross Hand Made Print By Adron

The design took a long time to work out and I made a few trips to the internet and book sources to get the classic Celtic shape and then tried to design original knot motif. I say tried - you will recognize at least two classic Celtic knots patterns.

I redid this print on watercolor paper and then converted it as a digital print for my online store.
Celtic Cross Art For Sale

You can see it and purchase one at my online store.

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