Sunday, July 12, 2015

Painting on location McCuan Hall Across The Quad At HCC Howard County Community College.

This is a miniature watercolor painting I did "plein air" on Sunday 7/12/15. It is McCuan Hall at HCC, Howard County Community College, Columbia, MD. It is a beautiful little campus with a lot of stunning architecture, grounds, and pathways. It is small and compact but there is a lot of scenes that an artist could paint on this beautiful campus. The lines of the buildings are full of surprises, and the gardens give great contrast.

I walked around for a while looking at all the possibilities and was overwhelmed at the many themes and subjects. When I sat down at some tables I looked up across the quad and was struck by this gorgeous and complex building with strong lines all set off by the textures and colors of gardens and beautiful trees. I sat down for a happy hour or two and did this little watercolor.

Watercolor Painting of McCuan Hall At HCC

I have a little bag that I keep some painting and drawing supplies, with have two small (6x4 inch) pieces of watercolor paper taped down to some cardboard ready for any emergency painting. I started by making a careful sketch in the scene with an hb pencil, I am learning to take a lot of time and sketch carefully since nothing fixes a bad sketch. I began painting with the light colors of blue and worked in the sky then progressed to the buildings and finished with the gardens.

The light was beginning to change so I knew I had to call it quits, you have to work quickly since the shadows and colors change hourly.

(c) Adron

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