Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Finished Painting of The Hickory Ridge Building at HCC Columbia MD

About a week ago I started a painting of one of the buildings at Howard County Community College, HCC. It was the Hickory Ridge Building. I think it is a beautiful building with lots of contrast and interesting angles. The trees and gardens make it very pleasant to see.

Since I live near by and it was a nice day I decided to walk there.  I found the spot where I stood the first two times that I worked on the painting and took a moment to study the building, the sky (no rain today!), the light and the position of the sun so the values and shadows would be consistent.

I must have looked lost or something because a security guard drove up. I don't blame him for being concerned since with my backpack, big floppy hat, umbrella and strange painting supplies I may have looked like a homeless person.

I always seem to get chased off by security people.  I guess they are doing their jobs but I am always careful to be safe, out of the way, and friendly. Many ask if I have permission or a letter from management. Some say I am performing and must have a licence. None seem to care that my first amendment right to free speech guarantees that I can paint a picture.

So I was shocked by the friendly and helpful manner of the HCC security!  He asked if I needed something or was looking for something.  I showed him the work I had done so far and said that I was hoping to finish painting the picture of the building. I told him I came late Saturday afternoon because I knew then I would not be in anyone's way. He was very kind and admired the unfinished painting. We spoke for a few minutes about the building and my painting then he wished me good luck with my art and wished me a nice day before he went back to his patrol. I think the pleasant encounter set me in a good mood and I think it had a positive effect on the atmosphere of my painting.

Obviously customer service is a high priority of the HCC staff. I will come back and paint more!

I had a good couple of hours of painting before the daylight shifted too much, but except for a little touch up when I got home I finished the painting.

Hickory Ridge Building at HCC,  
I know that I left off the signage that said HICKORY RIDGE BUILDING. I just did not feel I could do the lettering well.  The building is distinctive without the wording on the top.

Size is 7.5 inches by 11 inches. Medium is watercolor. Finished July 25, 2015.


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