Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bend in the Harpers Farm Path in Columbia MD.

Here is a painting I did on location on one of the bike paths here in Columbia MD. I would walk up the path with my "little Red Wagon" behind me with all my painting supplies and my lunch to find a place for a day of painting. I had to return to this location several times to finish the picture.

This point in the path is off of Hesperius Road and leads down to Wild Lake. It is a beautiful place. The bridge is beautiful. These bridges are everywhere in Columbia. I really like them and feel they are significant in my own pilgrimage through God's purposes in my life. Beside we all have to cross bridges at different times in our lives. So I love to paint them.  I made a small "editorial" amendment to the composition; there was a garbage can that I redefined as a tree stump.

This painting is framed and ready to hang.

I am selling this painting for $275.00.  To arrange to see this, or get a quote for shipping, get in touch with me.