Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still Lifewith Lemons, oil painting for sale.

Here is a 16x20 still life I painted for sale. It is painted in oil on canvas. The style is heavy brushstrokes and deep contrast with dark edges, so it is a little psychedelic in it's rendering.

I painted this in my basement studio, it took about two weeks. It is a lovely picture of a classic theme. There is a bluish lavender drapery in the background and a grey blue tea pot almost center, a heart on the rustic wall gives the picture a warmth. A clock and a creamer balances the apples on the other side. I was striving for a rustic but not a primitive picture. I believe in God's love and the heart over the simple things reminds me to remember his love and to look for the simple things while we have the time. I hope this picture of inspirational subjects is an encouragement to others.

Currently this is not available for sale, it is reserved for the Howard County Arts Counsel biannual show.