Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rene's Farm at Sunset Watercolor Over Fine Tipped Marker

This is a picture I did that was inspired by Rene's farm in Texas. I like the rural scene it is peaceful.

I sketched it with a hb pencil, then went over the sketch with a fine tipped marker, and finished with watercolor. The marker was a Sharpie(R) and I like to use them because they seem reliable and convenient. I have a few that are mostly used up and the line is very thin and pale so I use those with a fresh one that has a strong thicker line.

I have to remember to keep the water color thin and let the pen work show through.The only think I am not happy is that the sharpie do not seem to not be totally water proof because there is a little faint bleed when you put the water on, but it is minimal and a clear wash followed by a tissue blot up will deal with it nicely.

Rene's Farm at Sunset, Water Color Over Marker

(c) Adron 2015


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