Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Fine Tipped Marker Drawing, Before the Concert. by Adron

While waiting for the performance of some cool jazz I used my little sketch book and some fine tipped markers and drew this little sketch. The musical instruments, chair, and stands made a beautiful composition as they were arranged on the stage. I couldn't have asked for a better scene.

I always try to carry a small sketch book and some supplies since there is art everywhere so I always find something to draw. This sketchbook is about 4x6. The markers were some cheap things from a big box chain store. It all fits in a pocket and I can keep it hidden until I am ready to use them

I was struggling to hold my sketchbook above the seat in front of me with one hand while sketching with the other. I am happy with the results.

Pen Sketch of Stage with Musical instruments 


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