Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Painting Of A Tree With Roots In The River.

Painting of a tree with roots in the River is a fantasy composition meaning that I made it up without using any resources like photos or painting on location. This picture started as an illustration of a tree with the roots in the river to add to a blog post but I became a little enthralled with the composition and decided to do a watercolor from the pen drawing.  I actually traced the original sketch onto water color paper and then began with a lot of washes.

Watercolor painting of Tree With Roots In the River. 
Drawing from imagination is O.K. but I feel that when you use a few resource materials you get more ideas because the real world is so much bigger than our imagination.  Using resources also becomes a dialogue because you take a little from the resource and then add to it then look again at the resource and change or interpret it and so it goes back and forth between you and the resource.

(c) Adron

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