Thursday, April 30, 2015

Watercolor of Spring Blossoms

This is a nice little picture I painted over the last few days.  I know an expert in watercolor would create something like this in a few hours, but I kept changing my mind about things as I went so I took a lot longer.

I took photos of the trees in my neighborhood and used one for inspiration. I prefer to paint out of doors and see the object before me but that takes a quick hand and the blossoms would fall off all the trees by the time I finished.

Watercolor of Spring Blossoms 

I sketched it out carefully and went over the sketch several times to be sure I was making an outline that would be workable.  Even though you know what you are trying to render when it is time to put down the first wash everything looks different and you can't tell what is suppose to go where.

Using a medium sized brush I started with the blossoms and did the first wash in very lightly, next I washed in the leaves,  after that I did a wash of the background. Once dried it looked too pale and flat. I added darker values to the leaves and the blossoms. I was still not happy so I started to splash down darker hues in the back ground. After that dried I felt the background was too textured and needed to be smoothed out, so I used a soft brush and scrubbed in clear water until the edges of the colors softened and blended. I finished with a liner brush and added more sharpness and details.

I looked it over after it had all dried and felt it was still too flat so I deepened the values of the leaves that were in the middle-ground to bring the blossoms and front leaves forward some.

I am very happy with the results.

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