Monday, July 11, 2011

Across Wild Lake, An oil painting of Wild Lake in Columbia MD

 It was pure joy to paint this scene from across Wild Lake in Columbia MD where I live.  I often thought how lovely the red roof over the dock looked in contrast to the greens and blues around it. There are several lakes with these red roofed docks in Columbia MD.  I painted this in the hot summer of 2011. I had to return to the scene on two separate days to finish this picture. It is always nice to talk to people when I paint and I met some of the nicest people when I painted this. The challenge of this picture was to paint a scene so far away and to still get recognizable detail. Since my focus was on the distant shore I had no foreground to develop so I gave a lot of texture on the ripples of water. There is some buildings behind the trees and I wanted to keep the picture simple and to maximize the little dock with the red roof so I deleated the details of the buildings and left their colors to show the presence of the structure.

My style on this picture is slightly impressionist but a little representational at the same time.

It is not a very  big picture only 11x14. I think I will have to go back and try to paint a bigger one. I do not think I had any studio time on this one and painted the entire subject on location. 

Price is 150.00. Since the photo has been taken the painting has been framed in a wood frame.

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