Monday, July 11, 2011

Painting of Maddy's Daisies, Titled: a Family Portrait of Daisies.

This oil painting of daisies was done in the spring of 2011. I set up my easel behind my house and painted the daisies that my daughter grew from seeds some years back. I did most of the painting outdoors and just a little touch up in my studio. Anyone can paint daisies in a vase but to do it outside and the flowers just growing wild is a little frightening. You don't know how to sort out all the leaves and the many petals, then you wrestle with which flower to leave out since some are beginning to wilt.

I didn't want it to be a painting of a garden so I left out much of the environment around the flowers. The background I reduced to a colored texture to give the impression space beyond. This is almost a portrait since I was focusing on only the daisies and trying to go beyond the physical to the significance of the flowers, so I call it a family portrait.

I really loved painting this, they have all gone to seed today but the image will live on.

It is not a very big painting only 11x14 but it has a calm peaceful atmosphere that goes far beyond its boundaries.

I am offering this painting for 100.00 unframed. Contact me via the comments feature to arrange a viewing or to get a quote on shipping. Framing is extra.