Monday, March 26, 2012

St. Francis Of Assisi, A New View, Print by Adron for sale

St. Francis of Assisi block print in black.
St Francs A new View, Print by Adron for sale by artist.
My photography made it look darker and grey but the paper is really white. Below is a modified exposure, as seen at my Society6 store.

Here is a hand made print of "St, Francis of Assisi, a new view." I call it a new view because after reading his biography I became convinced that St Francis was a joyful even playful though devout person. All the images of him are very pious and reverent but I search in vain for an image of him with a smile. So I created my own. He is smiling gently with a contentment that comes from piety and the inner joy that comes from faith. In his hand is a sparrow. This composition went through several versions before I got it to where I was happy with it.

This is a "Cut Block Print." I cut the foam block with knives and mount it to acrylic sheet. Using commercial ink I roll ink on the block and press paper onto it. This is the traditional print method. The paper is Green that is made out of recycled content but still is acid-free.

This can be purchased at my Society6 store see the link to the right.


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