Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cone flowers hand made print by Adron

Cone Flowers Art. 

Cone Flowers hand made print for sale.
I have always loved seeing these bright orange flowers in the summertime. It was a joy to design a print of some. It was a surprise at how hard it would be to get right.

This is a project took me three weeks to get right. It is a handmade print. I made plates for each color by cutting the shapes out of a foam material and gluing them to acrylic sheets. Each plate needed some adjusting and it took a long time to get the registration right, (where each plate matches up with the others). I made several test prints and each time had to make changes. It is finally what I had envisioned. The colors were very frustrating. The manufacturer didn't have a cerulean blue or an equivalent only a dark royal blue, so to get the blue field I had to use a very thin coat on the roller and like watercolor the paper would show through the ink. The color of the flowers was a challenge I found I had to double roll scarlet over orange.

I find that it takes me about a day to print 10 of these by traditional hand methods. It is a joy to see each one   when I pull the paper off of the last plate. I hope it will be a joy for others.

I redid this as a digital image for my society6 store. You can see it here.

(c) Adron

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