Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Fire Tree, Watercolor Sketch

October Fire Tree, Watercolor Sketch.
This is a little watercolor I did yesterday at Wild Lake MD. It is the tree in the field near the boulevard. It is quite big and impressive to see firsthand. I walked around looking for something to paint and was so impressed with this huge tree blazing with orange and yellow. It was accentuated by the bare branches that seemed to poke out through the leaves.

I did a wash for the background and struggled over the foliage. I should have used layers of wash but wanted to emphasize the texture of the leaves so I took a small brush and began a long process of dotting in the yellows oranges and little red for the leaves. I used a little green and umber to tone down the shadows in the leaves. I was painting outdoors so I had to work quickly.

I was a little worried about the background. I wanted to keep it muted and pale to contrast the portrait of the tree. I was struggling with the values of the background I didn't want the colors too bright but not too muddy either. I did several washes with a nervous brushstroke to give the texture of the parkland behind. I think it might have needed a little more umber or something to deepen it but I am happy with the results.

I do not expect to sell this one but I think it will be a good study for a painting.

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