Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Treasure Box Update, One of Three Finished

Mini Treasure Box
This little treasure box measures about two by three by two and a half. It is cardboard and painted over with acrylic paint. It is very cute.

I would rather be painting a landscape or an ocean scene but when my wonderful wife wants something I drop all else and give it my all. This is one of three little treasure boxes I am decorating with a stylized art for her to give away at a seminar she is giving this weekend.

I had to hold back from decorating every line and corner but sometimes less is more and if I didn't draw the line somewhere I would never get the other two painted.

I do not do these types of projects often and when I do there is always a problem finding the right supplies since the paints are languishing in a drawer somewhere and usually drying out.  I did not have the choices in colors I would have liked but it worked out OK.