Sunday, October 21, 2012

Miniature Treasure Boxes, Work In Progress

A few weeks ago my wife asked me to paint three little treasure boxes that she was going to give as gifts at a seminar she is giving.  Two were cardboard and one was wood. So far I have given them a coat of gesso primer and a top coat of honey butter white; I like the warm yellow of this white as oppose to the bone white or antique white.

Next I will design some rosettes, hearts and vines to embellish these and paint them in acrylic paint. I want to take my time in working out the individual designs and be careful to make them look beautiful. I have learned the importance of doing a thoughtful design and working out the problems before the painting. It is incredibly frustrating to try to work out a design while you are painting the design. If you get something wrong you start to make corrections and it gets out of control, you end up with an overworked mess.

The problem is I need to have all three done by this Friday. I better get to work. It might look like a few little boxes but to my mind, they are for my wife and that makes it major.


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