Saturday, October 20, 2012

Work in Progress, Painting of Lake Elkhorn

This is the painting I started a few weeks ago. It is the view of Lake Elkhorn as seen from the dock by the play ground.

My photography is poor and I do not have the proper lighting to make the colors look accurate.

I hope to find some time to sit in front of my easel and finish this little gem soon. I actually started painting it at the lake one afternoon. I have a lot of trouble getting out to paint outdoors since it usually requires a major part of my day; there are not many days that I can take three or four hours and go out and paint. Three hours are all a person should paint outdoors since the light and shadows changes so much. I could finish a painting in that time but will not be happy with it since I like to work down to my smaller brushes and add a lot of little texture and effects, this takes a lot of time.

I am hoping to add a lot of lights to the water and a lot of reflection. It needs a little more detail to the two structures in the painting. I think the water needs a lot more blue and white.

One of the disadvantages in painting outdoors is that you have to make a lot of decisions quickly and live with the results. I think the picture suffers from having a strong line dividing it in half at the far shore, and the point of interest is too high up not near the "Golden Mean." Still someone will enjoy it since it is a place that is popular with those who visit the lake.

More post will follow as I progress.