Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Autumn Landscape in,Watercolor

Autumn landscape Watercolor.

Here is a little watercolor I did over the last couple of days. It was started late at night Sunday, so I was only able to get the under panting and first washes in.

I was working off an old photo, and much of the detail was lacking.

The next two sittings I built up values in the foreground to make the foreground more brilliant and give a sense of distance since the background is pale.

I know I should not put so much texture in the trees but I just can't help it- I like the dots. It is nice to work in yellow since so many of my projects are cool greens and blues. The landscape where I live is very green; it is somewhat boring at first but after a while you learn to appreciate it and just how varied green is in landscape.

I like how complicated this picture is with the different middle grounds and the different textures between the sky, mountains, and foreground, the values and converging lines all make it interesting.

I am very happy with this project and may frame it.