Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to Make Easy Block Print Bookmarks.

Wood cut block prints are very exciting to do. You take a long time carving out an image and don't really know what it will look like until you ink it and press the paper on. It is very gratifying to see a project turn out and to have others like it.

I made some book marks for friends at church to give out as gifts. I know bookmarks are a thing of the past but I am still holding on. I decided to not use a wood or linoleum block but to use self adhesive foam since I was in a big hurry.  I cut the foam into the shape of the words from the Bible that I chose and then stuck them in mirror to a piece of acrylic.

I knew the black ink and white of the paper would be too stark so I stained some papers in pastel washes of red, violet, blue, and green. Then cut them into shape leaving a little overage for final trimming. It was a lot of work.

I inked my "foam letter block" and pressed the papers onto the print. It turned out as expected, I was very pleased. After printing about twenty I cut them to size and laminated the prints onto a lightweight paper so a white border would show and the lamination would hold to the boarder, this kept the print in place and gave it protection.  For lamination I just used a strip of boxing tape; it is clear and heavy, but you have to be careful since it has static and the pieces want to move into it before you are ready.

 The final project had the verse on one side and the reference on the other. I used a hole punch and tied tassels on them.

The gifts were well received.


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