Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mini Treasure Boxes Art Project

My wife asked me to paint some little boxes for her to use as give away gifts and thank yous for a seminar that she was giving. I worked on them for some time and posted an earlier update. Now they are done and delivered.

A project for my wife is always a special privilege for me since I love to do things for her and there is so little I can give her since I am only a poor artist.

These little boxes were painted first in gesso and then given a coat of butter nut white. After they dried I painted little decorations on each. One is covered with roses one with some vines and hearts and the largest one is painted with sunflowers. All are done in acrylic.

I could have done these in the quick "One Stroke" method but I am too much a representational artist to use the easy technique. I used a traditional painting approach and just took a long time. I had to build up layers of color with the acrylic. I prefer to paint in oil or watercolor but found that the acrylic had properties similar to both traditional mediums.

I was very happy with the results and hope they contributed to the success of the seminar my wife was giving.