Saturday, December 5, 2015

Painting the Emmaus Road Mural At Church, part 1

I love to paint but have never settled on a style or medium, instead I have continued to explore art.  I have always been attracted to the challenge and power of murals. So when an opportunity comes to paint on the large scale I get excited.

There are several approaches to painting a mural, including:
     The traditional,
     The modern,
     The pure commercial,
     The experimental,
     And many more.

Painting the sky in the Emmaus Road Mural
Each artist brings their unique style, vision, talent and experiences to a project. Since I have been painting in many mediums like oil, acrylic and watercolor, not to mention mixed media I find painting a mural both challenging and easy.  I am able to use all the different methods to get the effects that I hope will make a remarkable project which will cause people to go "WOW."

In the first steps of this project I called upon years of sketching and design as I took two days to sketch the project on the wall. Of course that was after hours of working out the design on paper in small scale.

Painting the Clouds in the Emmaus Road Mural
This week I began the actual painting. Using a traditional philosophy I started at the far distance of the landscape and painted the sky.

For this part I used the techniques one uses for painting in acrylic, (the paint I am using is latex interior house paint).  Latex paint dries quicker than acrylic or oil, so I was fighting a constant frustration with the medium setting up before I was ready. Moving up from the horizon the colors darken and deepen since it is a scene at the end of the day. As I applied the paint I began to use a technique that was more like painting in oil by the impressionist; it was not my intention but a solution I was using to cope with the paint.

I began the clouds with an undercoating of white. When it dried I began to add soft colors of yellow, brown, rose and a pale burgundy, these colors were applied with a "scrumble technique;" that is an scrubbing and scribbling application with the brush. I was using it to force an irregular blend of colors. The clouds took hours to paint- so far.

I was out of time and spent a half hour to clean up and look at the work. When I return I will continue to add detail to the clouds.

Those who have seen the clouds say, "Oh they are done." I could move on from there and do other parts but I have a vision of Renaissance proportions and so will be spending many more hours on this that normal for a commercial mural.

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