Saturday, November 28, 2015

Seascape Painting in Watercolor. Cliffs Over The Sea

This is a painting I did in watercolor of an ocean scene with some cliffs on the right side. It was painted on cold press 140 lb paper, but it was not quality and that gave problems with technique, and it buckled a little bit. That is why there are white spots in the sky since it wouldn't lay flat on the scanner.

Watercolor painting of ocean with cliffs.
I started with the biggest brush I had for watercolor and really sopped the sky and sea in. The cliffs and rocks were done with a medium brush. After the sky dried I went back over it with deeper blues and I did the same on the sea. As the cliffs dried I added more deeper and darker colors. Using a liner brush I worked in more details to the sea and cliffs. The last was white on top of the waves for the foam.

It is an OK painting considering I painted it in only two hours.


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