Monday, December 10, 2012

The Lark, Handmade Print In Negative Line

The Lark 
limited edition print of 10

The Lark, Limited edition print of 10 
This is a handmade print in negative line. Negative line is the white of the paper showing through the black of the surrounding medium, it is a variation of negative space. 

I did several studies of the bird before I began the print. I am learning to take my time and work out the design with greater care. 

I etched the image in a sheet of foam then rolled the brayer over it with black ink. Foam is easy and cheap to work with but it is also fragile and many times one has an unwanted mark or a crease in the foam-plate. The foam was textured; I didn't realize this at the first and was frustrated with the results. The foam kept rejecting the ink, this made each image to be cloudy some more than others, I found it necessary to roll back the paper and check the image then roll more ink on to darken the picture. It turned out that they are each unique though true to the medium of ink block print. If I was not committed to black I would have done several colors in layers to maximize the effect. 

I printed about 16 of these but rejected 6, I am getting better I used to reject half of the prints. The illustration above is number 10 of the edition. 

The size is about 5x7. This is printed on acid free paper. The paper is eggshell white but the lighting in my work area is not ideal for photography. I will sell these unframed but mounted on foam core for $15.00 framed will be $40.00.