Monday, May 13, 2013

Quick Sketch While At The Cafe

There is never enough time to do art. So I try to do art wherever or whenever I can force it out of a situation. We were listening to some jazz at a Cafe in Wild Lake MD. and not far from me was a young man who apparently was not into jazz and had fallen asleep.  I pulled out my sketchbook from my coat pocket and a trusty HB pencil and did a quick sketch of him.

I wanted to keep the white of his shirt as a focus feature so after lightly coloring the background I rubbed it smooth with my finger.  His straight black hair was tousled and was fun to sketch. The sketchbook is about 3x5 inches big. I recommend all artist carry one; there are more times I wished I had one on hand to do a quick sketch than I care to remember.

Not too much can be said about practicing the quick sketch.

Quick Sketch In My Pocket Sketchbook Of Boy at Cafe.


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