Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Barn Beyond The Meadow

This is a drawing I did in fine tipped marker.

Fine Tipped Marker Sketch of Barn Beyond The Meadow

I spent about four hours on it. I had a photo that I was working from and then embellished it. I wanted to get the texture of the woods behind and have contrast with the areas of the barn and the field. I wanted the barn to have a contrasting texture, and value.

The foreground needed to be darker I should have switched up to a broader point for it.

The composition is lacking. There is a focal point but there is nothing to invite the eye in. There is a sense where the flowers make a barrier to the picture. If I was to do a more serious project like an oil painting I would introduce a path meandering from the foreground and wrapping around behind the barn to draw the eye into the picture.

It was a fun study and great practice in texture technique- maybe I will use this as a study and do a painting of this.

(c) Adron

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