Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chokeberry Flowers, Handmade Print

Chokeberry flower. 
This is a mono print, a handmade one of a kind image.

Chokeberry,  Monoprint,  edition of 1 by Adron.

I made this by drawing directly on the ink with a pencil while it was on the ink-glass then pressed paper onto it. This is not the normal way of print making, at least that I know, normally you would cut a block of wood, linoleum, or foam and then ink the block then press the paper onto the block. It allows you to make many editions of the same image. The block can be re-cut for additional colors and effects, but the mono print does not offer that opportunity.

I think it would have been more effective if I had a different tool other than the pencil that I used to draw the picture with. Maybe a wider or duller instrument would have given more variety in the lines, and more interest in the picture.

I am happy with the results and will consider framing it.


(c) Adron