Friday, January 4, 2013

Owl Relief Print. Handmade.

Mono Print of an Owl.
This is a hand made one of a kind relief print. 

Owl Handmade Mono-print 1/1 printed 12/22/12 

I have been having a lot of fun print making lately. I read in a book about a process of scribing into the ink while it was on the glass and printing off of the ink-glass  directly. This does not require carving a block, but you only get one or two images.  

This owl image was made after I did some other print work and I had a little ink on the glass which I didn't want to waste. So I used a dull pencil and drew right on the ink and laid a page on it. It was the fist time I tried this sort of thing. I was mostly happy with the results. The unevenness of the print is a little disappointing but the image is clear. Water based inks seem to dry  unevenly on the glass after you roll the brayer over it a few times so that is why the uneven dark and light areas.