Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sun Image, Handmade Monoprint

A Monoprint of a Sun  

This is a hand made print. Only one is made so it is called a mono-print. The sun is a popular and favorite subject.  

January Sun, monoprint, 1 of 1 made. 8.5x11 inches by Adron 

This was made in my basement studio on January 3rd 2013. I first rolled a square of yellow onto the paper. While that dried I cut a block, or in this case Styrofoam, and rolled ink over it then pressed the paper onto it. The outside shape was cut and he face was simply drawn in the soft material which depressed the Styrofoam and left the yellow underneath to show through. The raised image leaves the print of the image. 

It is always an adventure because you never really know what it will be like when it comes out. 

The ink I use is speedball water based ink. The paper was 20 lb paper. Which is a little lightweight for my taste but OK for making something for fun.

I didn't feel like going to great lengths to make different colors and try to get things to match up for more layers of color. So I kept it simple.