Friday, August 9, 2013

Lighthouse at Sunset Watercolor

Here is a little watercolor sketch I did of a lighthouse on a rocky point. 
10.5 x 7 inches.

Watercolor painting of Lighthouse on rocky point.

I did the sky wet and dropped color into it starting with yellow, then blue, and lastly violet. I held up the paper and tilted it one way and another to let the color flow and blend.  I was not happy about the paper having a deckle finish and the color puddled in hundreds of little dots, but I fixed that later by damp brushing clear water to lift and blend the puddled colors.

The sea was under-painted green grey and then a brighter blue brushed over it.

The rocky foreground was under-panted in sienna and let to dry then using a flat brush I layered textured dark values of ultramarine blue and umber to get the effect of a rocky point. To give the color some movement I added a little lavender to the wet and let it flow some. I finished the rocky area with a liner brush drawing out some details, adding edges to shadows and, breaking up some areas.

The house and lighthouse was drawn in with some small brushes. I started the lighthouse with yellow and let that dry then added blue down the center and lavender on the shadow side. Instead of using black I mixed ultramarine blue and raw umber and added the details to the lighthouse.

I treated the house pretty much the same. The red roof was calculated to introduce a focus.

The surprise color is the green splattered around in the lower left.

(c) Adron

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