Sunday, August 4, 2013

Portrait of Tree Blossom, Pencil Sketch

I drew this while standing under some bushy tree that had these beautiful five fingered blossoms. It was a lesson teaching some kids how to draw outdoors.

Pencil Sketch of Tree Blossom 

These blossoms do not last so drawing had to be done quickly; as they were being sketched the petals began drooping and wilting.

This was drawn in pencil and just a little charcoal in the deepest dark areas. I did a lot of rubbing on the background to stain the paper so the petals were bright. There was a lot of blending in this project but not so much that it lost the effect of being a drawing. There was a lot of play between light and dark so there was one against the other for contrast. The contrast between the smooth rounded petals and the rough jagged edged leaves was beautiful and I really wanted to capture it which took some effort and constant critique . It was fun playing with the different values of grey and going from the very light, almost white, to the very dark, almost black.

I could have worked on it for another two hours but I have to get on to other projects, and I really want to make my drawings look like a drawing.

(c) Adron

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