Sunday, September 1, 2013

Illustration of an octopus

I was doing a worksheet for some kids and it had a drawing of an octopus. I drew this to illustrate the subject of the drawing lesson.

This was drawn in pencil and then traced over with a sharpie. I used the sharpie to texture the octopus and give the sense of roundness by using a dot technique.

Illustration from how to draw an octopus lesson.

I wanted to give it more than just a black and white rendering so I used some cheap crayola (r) markers to color it and the sandy ground below it. The markers were too dark but since they are washable I took a brush and water and gave each area a wash, the dye then spread and lightened up a bit.

If you want to see the free how to draw an octopus worksheet follow this link to my other blog.

I am mostly happy with it and feel satisfied that I found a use for all of my kid's old markers.

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