Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Watercolor Sketch Blue Hills River In Autumn

This is a little landscape sketch of a river that I did on a practice paper.  It is about 9x11 inches. It is not impressionist or pointillist but representational with a style that leans toward the impressionist approach.   I tried to take my time to sketch it in knowing the foundation sketch is the most important but I had trouble making sense out of the resource material. I stopped when I did because I was afraid that I might overwork the project, but it would have been easy to do more.

Watercolor sketch of Blue Mountain River in Autumn

This was a fun project and I learned a few things doing it.  I was working a lot with dots, dabs and small strokes.  I experimented a little with a flat brush but find the rounds are hard for me to get away from.  I would like to develop more ability to cover the entire paper and leave only selected areas white, but it is a sketch and that is the nature of a sketch- quick and light.

I hope you enjoy looking at it.


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