Sunday, March 15, 2015

Watercolor Sketch Of Bent Trees By The Footbridge

This is a nice little painting I did this last week.  I sketched it last week on a piece of practice pad and then just played with the water color paint a little by little whenever I had a few minutes.  I kept a small box of paint and brushes in the dinning room where I worked on it, this is not my usual place to work but I feel I have been doing too much in my little corner of the house and needed to integrate some of my hobbies with the family a little more.

Watercolor painting of bent trees by the footbridge.

I used a photo I took a few years ago as my inspiration. The contrasting lines of the vertical trees and the horizontal lines of the landscape caught my interest, not to mention the need bridge hiding behind the trees.

After sketching it in I did a light watercolor wash over the basic areas and let it dry. Then during the week I came back to it with a small brush and applied layers of color and texture.

The size is about 9x11.

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