Sunday, April 9, 2017

Watercolor Sketch Of A Lamp With Flower Basket

This is a little sketch I did in watercolor on Saturday at Wild Lake Columbia.

It was a nice but cool day and nice days have been rare lately especially on a Saturday.  If I didn't go out and paint a little something I would regret it, so I packed up a few essentials and went out to paint at the lake.

The lake has so many beautiful and interesting buildings, walks, fountains and scenery that it is hard to choose what to paint. One way to handle this sort of problem is to shrink down your field of view and instead of doing a big landscape or city scene I find it is better to pick an object of interest and do something more intimate.

After walking around for a while I chose a lampost with a wicker flower holder near the top.

The sky was filled with clouds but I washed in the blues quickly. The background was the bare trees across the lake and I kept them as a mass of brown. The middle ground was two bare trees, They were bare still since it is early spring and the leaves have yet to come out. I centered the lamp post on the picture which is usually a bad form since you want the point of interest in a place of interest but putting it center makes it a portrait of a lamp.

The trees were an important part of my picture so I spent a lot of time painting them and going over them with a liner brush pulling the color up and away to form the many branches.

The lampost was carefully drawn with a small brush. I wanted the white of the lamps to be shiny so I darkened the sky behind them.

I did the fine lines with a signature brush. The railings details of the grasses and flowers.

I think it turned out to be a nice picture.
I hope you enjoy it.

Wild Lake Lampost, Watercolor
It is about 5x7 inches

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