Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Life Lesson Number Two That I Learned While Painting A Picture. The Fun Stuff.

Over the years I have painted hundreds of pictures and I have learned many lessons; and one that I always relate to others is about what I call "The Fun Stuff."

You see in every painting, drawing or any project that you take on there is always some part that you really look forward to.  In a painting of a portrait it may be the eyes or in a landscape it might be the tree on the right; it is different for each person and each project but there is always some special thing that makes you want to paint that picture or do that project.

When you choose to do that fun thing can make all the difference in any project.

If you do that fun thing first then:
     * You will become satisfied with the project too soon because you fulfilled the desire to accomplish the fun thing.
     * The project will be lopsided because you put all your energy into that part and had no enthusiasm for the rest of it.
     * Your focus on that one thing may cause you to overlook weaknesses elsewhere.
     * There will be no looking forward to doing it.
     * You will have to gingerly work around it and protect it while you finish the project; this can cause frustration and may lead to resenting the project and despising the fun thing.

If you do that fun thing last then:
     * It is motivation to finish.
     * Then everything is done to prepare for it.
     * It becomes a good foundation to show off the fun thing.
     * It becomes a celebration of accomplishment.
     * Then everything done before it has greater meaning.
     * You will appreciate it more.

So whatever your project, be it art, building a house or anything else determine the one part which is most enjoyable and save it for the finish; like the mountaineer who plants his flag on the top of the mountain- let it call you to celebrate the finish of it. 

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