Saturday, April 18, 2015

Watercolor Sketch On The Path

Here is a little (6x9) watercolor sketch I did on the footpath near my home.  It is an early spring day and I was eager to get out and enjoy the blossoms. There are lots of little foot bridges on this path and a lot of trees, they make a nice composition.

I had a small set of Windsor Newton watercolors in a portable paint box and a handful of brushes.  As is often the case when I go out on the spur of the moment I find that there were things I forgot to bring; so this time I did not have any tape to hold down the paper on the board which meant it curled up as I was painting.  What was more discouraging was that I forgot any of my smaller brushes, so I painted with only flats and one round brush that I think was really a toy.

Watercolor sketch of the footpath at Harper's Farm in Columbia. MD

It was a hot day so I had to paint quickly which is why I am calling it a sketch.  I started with washing in large areas with my biggest brush.  I knew it would dry quick so I was generous with the water. Then a few moments later I used a slightly smaller brush and began to lay in smaller darker areas and after that I used a very small flat to put in the darkest areas and let them all blend.  I used the smallest brush to begin to put in details of trees and bridge. I pained over areas and used the brush to scrub out the earlier layers so the latter would rest on top.

It was tricky to work in the values because I was working in bright sunlight which is always a disadvantage, since your eyes adjust to the bright light but when you get your final piece inside everything looks dull. However I tried to allow for this and I think it turned out OK.  The total time was about an hour I think.

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