Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mixed Media Art, Daisies Fantasy

This picture is a happy and colorful creation. It is mixed media. I combined watercolor, ink, acrylic, and gesso in this project. I love daisies and have some in my garden. I call it a fantasy since I was working more from imagination than any real flowers.

I drew it a few times to get the design the way I wanted it and then traced it onto 140 lb watercolor paper. The first paint was black gesso for the outlines. The background was next in watercolor using a hurried splashy brush stroke. The greens were next with acrylic. I used white gesso for the flowers and yellow acrylic for the centers. I had to go back over the black again since some washes went over it. I added more black between the leaves to give depth and balance to the flowers.

I think mixing the mediums give it a more vibrant appearance.

I am personally very happy with this little gem. I hope you like it too.

Mixed Media Daisies Fantasy

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