Monday, March 4, 2013

Watercolor Of A Villa By The Lake

This is a watercolor I worked on for some time. I think I got bored with it for a while but came back to it and finished it nicely.

It was inspired by a photo of a villa on some lake.  I started by giving it some light washes. I made a mistake and did the background mountains too dark, I wanted to give them less value so the focus would be more on the foreground. However, I kept working it over and lifted out some of the background using a wash and tissue to absorb some of the color and it also muted some of the detail.

Watercolor of Villa by The Lake

I used a small brush and a liner brush for most of the top work that was done over the wash. I know it is not the way most people paint but I enjoy it and like the results. It is a variation of pointillism. I use the liner brush heavily in the lake foreground to give the water a gentle ripple effect.

I think I used a lot of greens. In the future, I might use a separate pallet just for the greens.

(c) Adron

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