Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rene's Farm at Sunset Watercolor Over Fine Tipped Marker

This is a picture I did that was inspired by Rene's farm in Texas. I like the rural scene it is peaceful.

I sketched it with a hb pencil, then went over the sketch with a fine tipped marker, and finished with watercolor. The marker was a Sharpie(R) and I like to use them because they seem reliable and convenient. I have a few that are mostly used up and the line is very thin and pale so I use those with a fresh one that has a strong thicker line.

I have to remember to keep the water color thin and let the pen work show through.The only think I am not happy is that the sharpie do not seem to not be totally water proof because there is a little faint bleed when you put the water on, but it is minimal and a clear wash followed by a tissue blot up will deal with it nicely.

Rene's Farm at Sunset, Water Color Over Marker
(C) Adron 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Fine Tipped Marker Drawing, Before the Concert. by Adron

While waiting for the performance of some cool jazz I used my little sketch book and some fine tipped markers and drew this little sketch. The musical instruments, chair, and stands made a beautiful composition as they were arranged on the stage. I couldn't have asked for a better scene.

I always try to carry a small sketch book and some supplies since there is art everywhere so I always find something to draw. This sketchbook is about 4x6. The markers were some cheap things from a big box chain store. It all fits in a pocket and I can keep it hidden until I am ready to use them

I was struggling to hold my sketchbook above the seat in front of me with one hand while sketching with the other. I am happy with the results.

Pen Sketch of Stage with Musical instruments 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Watercolor Painting of Orchid

I bought this orchid plant for a model to use in a class.  After the class I put in my room and decided to make it a subject of some art so I get my monies worth out of it. I could always use the practice.

This is watercolor. It is a very simple picture. I am not happy with the photography it is more brilliant in real life and the blues are less teal in the actual picture.

Watercolor of Orchid Plant

Monday, December 2, 2013

Candlestick and Candle, A Quick Sketch in Pencil

Sorry it is so pale but pencil is not something I have been able to photograph very well.

A pencil Drawing of Two Candle Holders. 

It was a project in a class where I was trying to show a few kids how to draw. It was drawn in a few minutes and then I did a lot of blending and rubbing with the stub. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pencil Sketch of Wilted Autimn Leaf

This picture started in a class I was teaching to help some kids learn to draw. It was my quick example.

Pencil Sketch of Wilted Leaf

I did this entirely in pencil using hb and a 4b. After I outlined it I began the details of the veins with light lines. I began to shade the leaf lightly. After getting the leaf the value I wanted I worked a little to shadow the background. I went back over the surface of the leaf and added details and spots. It is not the normal step but after detailing the leaf I gave it a rub over with a blending stub to soften the overall appearance. Last I used a kneaded erasure to lift out a few highlights. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Charcoal Sketch of Gourds

This is a sketch I did one evening while watching TV, and finished it during another show a few days later.

These gourds are in the super markets during the autumn season. Their shapes and crazy textures make them fun to draw and a challenging project to develop an artist skill in rendering.

I started with a hb pencil and went to a softer 6b pencil; then after getting the shapes and basic shadows under control I began to work out the finer values with a hard charcoal pencil. I did a lot of going back and forth between the charcoal and the pencils.

I did a lot of blending with the stub and used the stub to carry material around the picture as if it was a soft pencil itself. The last major process was to use medium charcoal to give the deepest shadows. I finished with a go over of the finder details (few though they are) with the hb pencil to give some sharpness.

I am happy with the results.

September Gourds, Drawn In Charcoal. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dogwood Blossoms in a Bud Vase. Watercolor.

Watercolor of Dogwood blossoms in a bud vase.

Watercolor of Dogwood blossoms in a bud vase.
I had a lot of fun painting this. I wanted it to be a warm and simplistic picture. I was pleased with how the dogwood blossoms show white against the blue background.

The background was dry brushed with dabs and smears then after it dried I gave a wash with clear water to soften the texture some.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Illustration of an octopus

I was doing a worksheet for some kids and it had a drawing of an octopus. I drew this to illustrate the subject of the drawing lesson.

This was drawn in pencil and then traced over with a sharpie. I used the sharpie to texture the octopus and give the sense of roundness by using a dot technique.

Illustration from how to draw an octopus lesson.

I wanted to give it more than just a black and white rendering so I used some cheap crayola (r) markers to color it and the sandy ground below it. The markers were too dark but since they are washable I took a brush and water and gave each area a wash, the dye then spread and lightened up a bit.

If you want to see the free to print how to draw worksheet follow this link to my other blog.

I am mostly happy with it and feel satisfied that I found a use for all of my kid's old markers. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Road in Autumn a Watercolor.

Here is a little painting I did while showing a young student some things about painting in watercolor. It is a simple road snaking through the autumn trees.

Autumn Road, watercolor by Adron
After a quick sketch I did a wash of yellow over most of it. I dropped in some reds and greens and let them blend. I did a wash of blue grey for the asphalt.  After things dried I began to layer in darker values of color with a dabbing approach. I mixed the colors on the paper. It was necessary to give the background a clear wash to soften things a bit. I used a little dry brush on the road. The tree trunks were drawn in with a small brush.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Watercolor of a Rose

I hate to stay inside all day on a nice day, so I took my watercolor stuff and went out to the deck and looked around. My wife's garden is a joy and source of much inspiration. There was a rose in a big planter that I felt needed to have a portrait done.

Portrait of a Rose in My Wife's Garden, Watercolor.

The area behind it was dark and I wanted to capture that as an area of contrast but not make it all flat so I did several splattery washes. I started with yellow then added forest green over that letting the colors blend a little. After that dried I splashed down some ultramarine blue which deepened the values a little but not enough so I finished with a little alizarian crimson with violet to get the darkest areas.

The fence behind give the composition interest and a reference to a place and not just a rose sitting on a page. I did a lot of blues and brown with a liner brush and other small brushes on the fence and then when I was satisfied with the amount of medium I gave the areas a clear wash to take away some of the edge.

The rose stem and leaves were more drawn than painted. I used smallest brushes and liner brushes on it. I used the lightest values of yellow and then went to green over most of the yellow just leaving highlights showing. The darkest areas were green mixed with crimson and a little ultramarine blue.

It was a nice afternoon well spent.