Watercolor Sketch Blue Hills River In Autumn

This is a little landscape sketch of a river that I did on a practice paper.  It is about 9x11 inches. It is not impressionist or pointillist but representational with a style that leans toward the impressionist approach.   I tried to take my time to sketch it in knowing the foundation sketch is the most important but I had trouble making sense out of the resource material. I stopped when I did because I was afraid that I might overwork the project, but it would have been easy to do more.

Watercolor sketch of Blue Mountain River in Autumn

This was a fun project and I learned a few things doing it.  I was working a lot with dots, dabs and small strokes.  I experimented a little with a flat brush but find the rounds are hard for me to get away from.  I would like to develop more ability to cover the entire paper and leave only selected areas white, but it is a sketch and that is the nature of a sketch- quick and light.

I hope you enjoy looking at it. 

Watercolor Sketch Of Bent Trees By The Footbridge

This is a nice little painting I did this last week.  I sketched it last week on a piece of practice pad and then just played with the water color paint a little by little whenever I had a few minutes.  I kept a small box of paint and brushes in the dinning room where I worked on it, this is not my usual place to work but I feel I have been doing too much in my little corner of the house and needed to integrate some of my hobbies with the family a little more.

Watercolor painting of bent trees by the footbridge.

I used a photo I took a few years ago as my inspiration. The contrasting lines of the vertical trees and the horizontal lines of the landscape caught my interest, not to mention the need bridge hiding behind the trees.

After sketching it in I did a light watercolor wash over the basic areas and let it dry. Then during the week I came back to it with a small brush and applied layers of color and texture.

The size is about 9x11.

Charcoal Sketch of a Bonsai Tree

I was at a friend's house and saw this beautiful bonsai tree that was so beautiful I just had to sketch it. This is the little doodle I did with some pencils.

The plant is a miniature tree like a pine tree that was growing at an odd angle. It was a beautiful object to draw because of the many textures. The container was a smooth ceramic, inside was tiny pebbles, around the tree was moss, and the tree itself had tiny needles and a rough trunk.

Charcoal sketch of a bonsai tree.
I used a 2b graphite pencil to start then a medium charcoal pencil to get the majority of it done, and finished with a little pencil work using a soft pencil;  last I took a blending stub and worked over some areas and used a kneaded erasure to put a few highlights and definitions in.

What You Can Draw While Waiting For the Waitress At A Cafe

We were waiting for our food to arrive at the cafe on Saturday night and since I could not hear the conversation I took out the little sketchbook I carry with me all the time and did a little sketch of some of the things on the table.  It turned into a nice little still life.

Still Life Sketch in Notebook While Waiting For Waitress

I started by doing a little sketch with a pencil and then went over it with a .01 fine tipped marker. I did not arrange the items in any way, these were drawn just as the table was when we sat down.  The sketch book is about 4x5 inches.  It is quite nice and fits in my coat pocket easily and there is room for a few drawing instruments like markers and pencils as well. 

I try to carry a little sketchbook everywhere so that I can fulfill my goal of sketching every day.  If you learn to draw quickly you can get a lot accomplished. 

To be fair the waitress was not slow the food just took a little long to cook but it was good food an worth the wait. 

Pen Drawing Of Old Chair, Camera, Hat, And Shoulder Bag Still Life

The title of this still life is, Back With The Camera.

This shows what you can do with a fine tipped marker and some felt tipped markers.  I sketched it in first with a 2b pencil and then went over it with the sharpie to make a nice line drawing.  It could have been finished right there as a simple line drawing but I was in the mood to push to something deeper.

Still Life of Camera And Bag in Pen

 I did a lot of contour work but then got carried away and used cross thatching over some of it.  I like to use areas that are flat black for contrast and interest so the back leg and bottom parts of the chair were brushed in with a black marker as well as a few incidental parts.

I tried to put in shadow but it didn't work out because the back leg was lost so then I had to clean it up; to clean it up I used white Liquitex Gesso to paint out the shadowed areas. I scanned it into the computer but cleaned it up a little more with the free gimp software; I was not happy about needing to do that since it was supposed to be an ink drawing and not a computer drawing but on the other hand it was only a little tweak so I guess it is OK.

Blue Jay bird in Multi-medium Drawing

Blue jay

A little doddle I did using crayola markers, sharpies, and watercolor pencils. I drew it in sharpie first for all the black areas. Next I used watercolor pencil on the blue of the feathers, after that I used the cheep crayolya markers for the autumn leaves. Last I gave it a wash with water to let the cheep markers bleed, and water color pencils to blend.

Multi-medium drawing of a Bluejay

I was hoping for a more abstract effect but became too infatuated with the source material so I ended up being more representational than intended. The background with the markers bleed was more of what I was going for.

I'm thinking it is a project I may do over in another medium.