Monday, October 27, 2014

Painting a Mural In Columbia Md. Jesus with the message of Let the Children Come to Me

Here are two images of the mural I painted at South Columbia Baptist Church on Guilford Rd in Columbia Md.

I sketched the mural on Feburary 17 2014 and began painting the next day. The mural took eight months to complete and was finished on October 24 2014. Working on weekends and evenings did not give a lot of opportunity to make a quick job of it.

Some work was done by volunteers who were also contributing on their free time. These were teenagers who were members of the National Arts Honor Society. They have won awards and have had work shown in government buildings in the area.  It was an opportunity to mentor the young artist and it was a blessing for me to do it. I would gladly do another mural with them.

Let the Children Come to Me Mural painted in the nursery at South Columbia Baptist Church. 

Let the Children Come to Me, Extended view of the mural. 

The mural was painted in the lobby to the nursery area and wraps around a corridor. It is over 200 square feet. The wall surface was cinder-block.  The image is the classic of Jesus welcoming children to him. There is a quote from the Bible. "Let the children come to me." It is paraphrased.

The paint was Glidden semigloss for the majority of the work but the animals were painted with Liquitex and Golden acrylic which gives more detail.

I drew the composition myself with Jesus holding an infant, since the nursery faces this wall those caring for the infants might be encouraged. The lower section is filled with animals which engage the toddlers and preschool aged children who are there.

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