Saturday, January 16, 2016

Painting the Emmaus Road Mural At South Columbia Baptist Church Update

Below are a couple of pictures of the progress on the mural in the fellowship hall at South Columbia Baptist Church, also known as the Emmaus Road Mural.

I am only able to work on weekends and after hours at my day job at the network, but it progresses slowly and steadily.  Last week I detailed the distant mountains, and brought the values (level of light) up somewhat to improve the effect of distance. I began to lay in the under-painting of the distant village.

This week I was only able to work a little due to work schedule, and family activities. Even so I was able to detail the near mountain range and lay in the under-painting of the middle ground. It doesn't sound like much but the area is the entire length of the wall.

Moving from the distant background to the middle ground surprised me because I discovered I needed to change the size of the brushes I was using.  Everybody knows things far away look smaller so I intuitively gravitated to small brushes even tiny signature brushes. To get the effect of nearness I felt the small brushes were pulling me to the same methods I used for the background, so I switched up to larger brushes. Even thought I was using similar wet into wet technique the larger brush forced a larger application which gave a look of nearness by comparison to the distant hills.  I will still need to return with the small brush next time to detail and add definition to some of near hills.

I am pleased with the progress considering the size and the amount of time I can work on it.

Emmaus Road Mural. Picture of left side showing progress.

Emmaus Road Mural. Picture of right side showing Progress
You can see the doors in the picture. So far everything has been higher than the doorjamb.

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