Monday, January 11, 2016

Watercolor of Mulan the Ninja Girl

This is a little illustration I did to show the possibilities of watercolor illustration to my art students. It was inspired by a printable drawing worksheet I did last year of Mulan from the story of the Chinese girl who took her father's place in the army. I combined the Japanese ninja into the project to make it unique.

Mulan the Ninja Girl Watercolor Fantasy

I mostly use small brushes and get a lot of texture in my work. Since it is more of an illustration rather than a piece of art I did not add black to my color but keep the color brilliant and used black sparingly as a feature to define the lines and add drama. After laying down the color in the landscape I washed over it with clear water to blend and muddy the hue a little to give contrast to the portraiture of the warrior and the dragon.

The paper I used was not quality and the wash for the sky went badly, the paper began to warp and the color took on a speckled look- not what you want in a sky. So after it dried I gave it a "Glaze" with watered down gesso. It looked better in real life than in the scan I took.

I have this as a printable line drawing that can be printed out and colored. To see it CLICK HERE.


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